• Aug. 24 // Coworking Tours

    Day one is a tour of coworking spaces in Melbourne – huge thanks to everyone who signed up to come along for the tour!

    Our group tours are at capacity at this time. We highly encourage you to participate in the self guided tours as we have curated an amazing list of spaces for you to check out. Self guided tours start and end when ever you want them too as long as you stay within the time parameters listed by each of the spaces listed below. The map is clickable so it not only displays the spaces that are hosting tours and the times they are hosting them but also acts as an interactive map.

    Thank you to our coworking tour locations:

    Drop In Tour Locations

    Happy Hour after the Tours have concluded!
    Please join us at 5:30pm for drinks and networking with other GCUC attendees at CSBC Level 14: 330 Collins Street. Thank you to our happy hour sponsor CSBC! [view map]

    At GCUC, we don’t mess around. We bring you the best and brightest speakers in the industry – no pay-for-play, no sponsor politics – just wise words from big brains, carefully curated to give you your money’s worth.

    Hear from thought leaders paving the way and bringing you with them, shaping the future of work and giving you what you need to carve out your space in it.

  • Aug. 25 // GCUC


    Doors open/ badge pickup

    Grab your badges and come on in!

    Breathe, relax and prepare your mind for the day.

    A great deal has happened since we were on stage 2 years ago in Sydney. The world has changed dramatically, Liz and Brad will be vibing on all latest developments in the wonderful world of coworking.


    Future of work

    Melissa Gregg, Intel

    What does the Future of Work have to do with productivity and all the myriad of choices laid at our already overwhelmed feet?


    How do you negotiate with corporations and REIT’s?

    Daniel Stiffe, Space & Co

    Jonathon O'Byrne, Moderator, Collective Works

    John Preece, Knight Frank

    A curated conversation around how to navigate negotiations and partnerships with big players that are coming for you.


    Morning tea

    Refresh and reboot- we have more juicy content coming your way.

    If community is the secret sauce of coworking- how do you build it? How do you scale it? How do you do all of this remotely?

    You don’t know what you don’t know. It’s time to differentiate from the pack. How do you add value and make money doing it?


    Let’s talk about where we are and where we’re going. The future is bright – trust us.


    Ask us anything

    We’ll be literally throwing the microphone around the room for this quickfire Q&A.

    We’ll explain how this day of crowd sourced content stuff works!


    Lunch and post your sessions for the unconference


    Fast Pitch & Vote

    You have exactly 60 seconds to tell everyone about your topic and then we’ll vote and see what rises to the top!


    Formation of the Unconference

    We’re building the agenda and sending you off to your first session.


    Unconference Session 1

    Session A: Curated: Taylor Tran– IMGovernment Engagement – How should you approach local government. What resources are available?

    Session B: Curated: Joel Cranshaw– Legal Matters. We just couldn’t leave you hanging when it comes to the legal shenanigans you are sure to face. We will cover the basics of contract negotiations and teach you some yoda like skills.

    Session C: TBD

    Session D: TBD




    Unconference Session 2

    Session A: Curated: In a digital world, technology is critical to the successful operation and activation of your workspace. This session will explore the ways that technology can be used to streamline and improve a workplace experience, so you can focus on your community. We’ll also look at some of the new technologies that have recently entered the market and some fun things we’re looking forward to…

    Session B: Curated: Simone Eyles– Rural & Suburban Coworking: What are the unique challenges of small town Coworking? Can you make money? Should you open one?

    Session C: TBD

    Session D: TBD




    Unconference Session 3

    Session A: Curated: Kyrstyan Mcleod– Next Level Design Serendipitous encounters make the coworking experience special – you never know just who you might bump into. But serendipitous encounters don’t happen on their own – they require a combination of a great space and an activated community.

    Session B: TBD

    Session C: TBD

    Session D: TBD





    Unconference Learnings & Sharing

    We’ll discuss key learnings and share some magic.


    Wine Down

    Let’s raise a glass and talk about our super productive awesome day!

    We’re already living the long-awaited future of work and coworking is spelled all over this workplace revolution.

    For five years now, GCUC has marched hand in hand with the coworking movement around the world; we’ve explored everything coworking, from location and design, to branding and finance.

    With top thought-leaders of the industry as speakers and panelists, together we’ll help you jump on board and dominate the future of work!