Lee Doherty

Lee Doherty

Lee Doherty is the Owner/Director of Admin & Co which was created in January 2016 after 25 years experience as a senior administration professional in various high level administrative management roles from banking and finance, real estate, accounting and advisory and retail and wholesale.

After having a period of illness that forced her to walk away and ‘contemplate life’ the idea of the was to create a business that allowed a flexible work/life balance that past 9-5 corporate employment positions would not… and Admin & Co. was born.

Lee has completed tertiary studies in Management and Human Resources Management (after thinking leaving high school in year 11 was a great idea) all while working part time and juggling 3 small kids. She is a firm believer we can’t have it all… we can but not all at once.

Lee is expanding her business and has started Bridge Coworking & Event Space located in Bridge Street, Newtown.

When not running the admin in Admin & Co or community at Bridge Coworking & Event Space, Lee is a junior coordinator and netball coach to 180 girls in her spare time, lives out in the ‘burbs in Armstrong Creek with husband Jason and 3 girls Mia, Sophie and Georgie, as well as main income stream for various drive through coffee establishments in the region.