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Coworking tours are back again!

Posted on June 24, 2018 by Stormy McBride in Community, Conference, Coworking, Featured Space

GCUC AU is approaching quickly… which means… tours!! We are super exciting to partner with the City of Sydney to bring back the coworking tours! We have highlighted 5 of these superstar coworking spaces that will be apart of our coworking tour circuit! Check them out and see how they are taking the coworking world by storm! 

Here Coworking:

Here Coworking is a space that has removed its coworking labels so that its members can feel apart of the space. Here Coworking’s address is your address. They are 24/7 and even equipped with showers, lockers and a full kitchen just for your comfort. Not to mention, they are on waterfront property overlooking Johnson Bay. Who could need anything more?

Hub Hyde Park:

Hub Hyde Park is a beautiful space that is built literally right next to Hyde Park. This coworking space has restored an old heritage building to curate an awesome environment for its members. They are equipped with a rooftop cafe, podcasting and photography studios, parents room and exercise room. This place is your one-stop-shop for coworking!


Yourdesk was founded in 2012 by two brothers that recognized that freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs alike needed a home base. To fix this, they, as a family, opened a spot for just that. They provide 24/7 accessibility and completely personal customizations just for you! “Being part of a co-working space means you’re always sharing in other people’s success”- Carl Sullivan, Your Desk Founder.


Fishburners is a not-for-profit coworking space that prides themselves on its high quality startups and thriving community. This coworking space provides 22 bookable boardrooms, soundproof phone booths, a permanent mailing address, exclusive pro bono clinics and tons more for you and your coworking success!

Tank Stream Labs:

Your success is Tank Stream Labs’s priority! They are fully loaded with kitchens and showers on each floor, on-sit support, meeting rooms, usability testing labs and even event spaces. They have 400+ start-ups under their belt as well as 550 members and over $300 million raised by Australian companies. This place is rockin’!


Once again… this is just a preview of all of the awesome spaces to tour in Sydney! Join us for all the fun  on August 15th!

If you are wanting to join us in touring the coworking spaces, Sign up here!

If you are a coworking space local to Sydney and you would like to have your space be included in the circuit – You can do that here!

 If you want to purchase a ticket to GCUCAU 2018, follow this link, and do it fast because spots are going quick!