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GCUC USA Returns to the Big Apple

Posted on May 4, 2018 by GCUC Intern in Uncategorized

Why hello there,
This past week we packed up our winter coats and traveled to the Big Apple for our first GCUC event of 2018. Not to brag or anything but GCUC USA was a smash hit! We would like to thank all of our incredible GCUC partners, sponsors, and attendees that make the future of work so exciting. If it wasn’t for you than GCUC wouldn’t be possible. We would also like to give a special thanks to all of our speakers. Your wisdom and knowledge are endless and you inspire each and every one of us. Want to know more about all the juicy fun we had? Check out these takeaways from the list of articles below:

Camp GCUC afternoon
GCUC Day 1 take aways
Lessons from GCUC
How to hit the jack pot: Jamie Hodari at GCUC
Essensys at GCUC
A GCUC follow up
What did you learn at GCUC- Crowd sourced
Its the end of work as we know it, and I feel fine

Having GCUC FOMO after seeing all of our juicy photos? (We know we would). Come join the join fun! Here are our upcoming events for 2018. Stay updated to see if anymore pop up in your area. Hope to see you there!


GCUC Australia August 15-17, 2018
GCUC London September 25-26, 2018
GCUC Mexico Fall 2018
GCUC Dubai November 11-13, 2018
GCUC Canada October 2018

GCUC China Winter 2018