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How the City of Sydney is at the Forefront of the Future of Work and How You Can Be Too!

Posted on August 13, 2018 by Global in Conference, Coworking

Something about how COS is supporting the future of work, innovation and the workplace revolution by partnering with GCUC on our AU event in Sydney. 2-3 paragraphs at most. Feel free to highlight Holly and 2 other notable speakers.

The City of Sydney has always be at the forefront of innovation by supporting the future of work. With their stunning architecture, like the Sydney Opera House, this city is pulsing with new ideas and the drive to help its residents succeed. They have their eyes set on the future and the future is looking like coworking.

The workplace revolution is taking the world by storm and the City of Sydney is keeping up with it. This year Sydney has decided to partner with GCUC and Hub Australia to help expand the booming coworking industry in not only their city but all across Australia. GCUC is at the heart and soul of the future of work and that’s where Sydney is to.

The City of Sydney has worked with local coworking spaces to help drive innovation and productive for their residents. Just a quick search of their website and you will see they have links to spaces for creative minds alike.

At GCUC this year, with the help of the City,  here will be so noteworthy speakers. One of them being Holly Ransom of CEO Emergent. As a powerhouse of a women, she works to bring multiple industries together to help expand the coworking movement. Lindsay McMillian, a lead researcher at Reventure Ltd, will also being joining us at GCUC.  Adding to this impressive line up, Rowan Humphreys, Director of Tenant Advisory at Colliers International, will also be joining us at GCUC.